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Custom Cabinetwork & Furniture

Dale Helms has been making furniture professionally for 32 years. A signature of his work is his distinct use of the wood grain as a prominent feature in a table top, cabinet door, or headboard. Foremost in his approach is a careful selection of the grain in the wood. Dale's intention is to harmonize the grain with the design. The results are a perceptible blend of grace, beauty, function, and attention to detail.

These photographs convey a sense of my approach to cabinetwork. My designs are influenced by the wood and evolve during the process of the craft. Inspiration starts with wood chosen for its natural character, grain, and color. Hand-cut dovetails, mortise & tenon and book-matching contribute beauty and durability. Furniture combining different woods has its own voice, one that reflects nature's random ways. Drawing on nature, my furniture has a quietude and presence that makes it satisfying to live with.

Commissioning custom furniture is simple. What kind of piece do you want? How big should it be? Your input is part of a creative process. Contact me and we will discuss your options. There is no charge for this service. Fine custom-made furniture may take a little longer to acquire but there is no shortcut to excellence.

-Dale Helms

“For me these pieces have the grace and beauty found in works of fine art.
Touching them is a moment of reverent meditation. Living with them is a rare privilege."

- Paul Landefeld Jr.